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A Guide to Seed Saving, Seed Sovereignty, and Seed Stewardship

Written by on August 14, 2017

“If SEED SAVING is collecting seeds for replanting in the future…
Then SEED STEWARDSHIP is the process of saving seeds with the purpose of maintaining or improving that seed’s health and resilience. It also includes the act of saving and selecting a variety over a period of many seasons, with the end goal of passing it on to others in the future.”

And so starts the beginning of this short manual on seed saving. Along with explaining how to save seeds of a variety of vegetables this manual also presents the idea of the importance in act of saving seeds. By saving seeds we choose to protect and encourage the regrowth of diversity. By passing these seeds on we spread this diversity and participate in an exchange. Not only does saving seeds help the resilience of small farms and farmers now, but it helps build up a resilience for the generations to come.

If you have a garden, a farm, or a few vegetables or herbs on your terrace we encourage you to begin on your own seed saving journey. And remember to pass them on.


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