Beneficial Insects in the Garden

Written by on July 18, 2017

It is that time of year, when you go to the garden and you see a place full of life. The baby plants have grown and are getting ready for harvest. Different colors and shapes fill up a space that seemed empty just months before.

Along with the life of the plants you might also notice other life as well. If you look closely and long enough at the soil you begin to see it move. To see all the small insects moving about, searching for food and nutrients.

Insects are a big part of every garden. When you plant food it is sure to attract a large number of different creatures. Often insects can be seen as being pests for the gardeners. They will be eat the cabbage and lettuce, lay eggs in the tomatoes and fruits. But before thinking of all insects as pests it is good to know that there are many insects that are beneficial for the farmer or gardener. For example, Some insects will eat those that would damage the crops, and they can provide pollination needed for the plants.

Here is a pdf distributed by WSU, a university in the United States, describing in detail the different beneficial insects you can find in the garden, and ways to create an environment that encourages them to come and to stay.



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