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Capturing heat – A technical sheet

Written by on May 17, 2016

Although raw food may be healthy and even a trend, what’s better than a warm meal to keep the energy level up? Using a gas or electric oven is quiet comfortable, but lacks sustainability. There are different options to fulfill your needs for cooking technology, that are fed by solar or biomass power. The Aprovecho research center in Eugene, Oregon tested five different kitchen solutions, that you can easily adapt to your own needs and have proven to be not only sustainable but also very efficient. Their approach is not only to give a technical sheet, but also to inspire you for your own designs. The Maria Telkes Solar Cooker will heat your meal without any work put into it once you set it up, enabling the cook to just read a book while the sun is giving its energy. For keeping meals warm, a simple haybox will do the job, which saves time and energy. The rocket bread oven could be the solution for baking cakes and… well bread!

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