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Ecopsychology : the work that reconnects

Written by on December 27, 2016

How can i protect the earth? Is it possible to heal the earth, if i don’t even respect myself and my feelings? What do the earth really need? What do i really need..

These are the kind of questions that often come back in my head, and in my heart. Sometimes, when i really think about all that is happening on this planet, how human beings treat their own home, animals and plants, i realize i honestly could cry for hours. These feelings are present in every single human being, but to protect ourselves from suffering, we block it. The problem is that, when we don’t have access to our feelings, to our heart, we live in a sort of artificial world. How we treat our earth today, is the exact reflect of how human beings treat themselves. With no love and compassion. This leads to the disaster you know as well as me. But every problem has a solution!

I discovered Ecopsychology through all my experiences, even through art. Joseph Beuys teached me that ecology and psychology/spirituality  are simply impossible to separate.




The more i take care of me, the more i feel connection, deep love and respect for the earth and all her creatures. This gives me the energy and the motivation to act concretely in my life. To cultivate plants with love, as i cultivate love within me. I sincerely think that we cannot pretend to take care of the earth, if we don’t look inside us before, or our acts will certainly be directed by anger, once again.

“Ecopsychology is situated at the intersection of a number of fields of inquiry, including psychology, ecology, spirituality, and environmental philosophy, but is not limited by any disciplinary boundaries. Put most simply, Ecopsychology explores the synergistic relation between personal health and well-being and the health and well-being of our home, the Earth.”

  • www.ecopsychology.org

Here are the site and some books of Joanna Macy, a beautiful woman who created “The work that reconnects” :

  • www.joannamacy.net
  • ” Ecopsychologie et rituels pour la terre, retrouver un lien vivant avec la nature” en français
  • “Coming back to life ” Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown
  • “The widening circles”
  • “World as lover, world as self”





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December 27, 2016