Energy and Permaculture

Written by on May 3, 2016

As the ressources of fossil fuel will doubtlessy run out in near future, the debate about sustainable energy systems has found its way into the media and is probably more present then before, not at last reasoned by the climate change. The accepted and widely taught first and second laws of energy are the basis for more practical understanding of energy flows as well as a reenactment for our global environmental crisis. Holmgren introduces the work of Howard Odum, who researched about the interaction of human and environment, seeing energy as a currency. Holistically he connects human energy input with solar power as well as photosynthesis and so on. Furthermore the work of Bill Mollison offers a perspective for energy systems and their requirements. He justifies the use of non-sustainable energy in order to create a system, that has the qualities of low maintenance, long endurance as well as selfsustainability and enough energy output to feed the needs of the people who take care of those systems. The brief article about energy and permaculture introduces a discussion, which will surely grow more and more in its significance, not only for permaculture designs.

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