Expeditious weeks of eternal days

Written by on April 13, 2016

The first sunbeam dares to shyly peak through my window and softly wakes me up. Two big, round eyes seem to have watched my sleep for a while, my dog politely asks me to shake of my laggardness to discover this young day. The air still wears its cold coat of the night, so I put on my woolen hat and we run together. The birds are singing triumphantly, because right after the last snow, they already knew winter was over now, while we didn’t dare to stowage our warm boots in the closet yet.
Our way automatically directs towards the greenhouse. I’m not entirely awake until I see the new sprouds, that grew over night and make me feel pure joy. As I soak each plant with fresh spring water I welcome them, in german, english and french to make sure they understand me, eventhough I know they speak a completely different language. The air smells like moist soil, like life.
Four legs are faster than two and they decicively run up the mountain. I give in and follow them. The moody april weather decided to send small, cold drops down to earth. While I arduously amble uphill, I reconsider my understanding for time and space. How many glasses of water would be filled, if all the raindrops that sink into our land in one second were collected? How many tiny microorganisms are fed by the roots, mushrooms and plants that live on our farm? How many feet, hoofs and paws have touched and formed this ground? The value of this land can not be measured by numbers, the size of the farm not be counted in hectar, because it is so much greater than that.
The wind helps the sun to escape its concealment of clouds and as I lift my hat for what seems like the first time after weeks, I salute her and embrace the warmth. My head and my thoughts take a deep breath of the clear spring air.
As inspiring the changeful weather is, there is also a steady alternation of the residents living on the farm, that strongly influences our dynamic and daily processes. There is not one day passing by without me acknowledging the challenges as well as opportunities that life in a community holds within. Like in an endless building different characters discover new, seemingly forgotten corridors in my mind, take me by the hand to open doors, that were hidden behind spiderwebs and dust, just waiting to be ripped open to discover what is behind. We run trough thousands of rooms. What I find are not only burried abilities but I also stumble over failures. Luckily when I look up I see a helping hand, getting me back on my feet.
While I might only have an evanescent flame burning for a new project, the next visitor might carry the air to spark a huge fire. The energy needed for realizations flows together so that ideas materialize and become real. So I understand the importance of opening windows, share and wait for the echo. Our calls don’t die away in the mountains, they are heard and replied by helpful advices and ideas to push the project further.
Unsurprisingly the inner processes let me forget time until my growling stomach reminds me that hours must have passed since the last meal. Every single day is filled with richness and process, that often at night I almost forget what the weather of the morning was like.
I am a new, grown version of the person who dozily left her room this morning. At the same time, weeks fly away like dust in the wind and only when visitors lend us their eyes for a moment, we can see the big changes, that we got used to in no time, the lights in our common rooms, the rocket stove, the cleaned terrasses, with beds waiting for their plants, the coziness that moved into each and every room.
There is not much time to look back, because hands want to work, thoughts to be written down, horizons to be pushed further. Every endless day, every fleeting week, every month full of growth.




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April 13, 2016