In 2016, through mixed crowd-funding and crowd lending, we acquired a piece of land seven kilometers away from the nearest village in the southern Alps of France. We are currently building and renovating our infrastructure. The next steps are focused on creating diverse activities on and from the land. Our wish is to evolute, think and act in a way that we are more connected to ourselves, and to what surrounds us. To live and work in the respect of nature and human beings. Working collectively through the structure of the association reminds us what solidarity and community power is. Helping each other also gives us the opportunity to realize individual projects more easily, and to develop new skills.

These are the main areas we are implementing or we want to implement in the future :
– natural beekeeping
– orchard fruits transformation
– medicinal plants cultivation
– woodworking
– organic vegetable farming
– photo and video communication
– workshop hosting

Explore the site to find out what we read, the tools we use and what happens along the way. Check into our database to find articles and technical sheets, watch our tutorials on a whole range of topics. Step into the worlds of medicinal plants and natural beekeeping. Learn about homesteading or take the time to reflect on our more personal writings of the day-to-day life. We’ll do our best to show what goes into growing and creating an alternative diverse living space like this.