After four years of studies, I left my home for a vacation in France to ease my mind. In the end this trip took me to my new home and opened my mind for an alternative future. I rediscovered the joy of working with wood, a material full of life, that I’ve been surrounded by since my childhood, growing up in a forest in the north of Germany.

I want to educate my hands and logical thinking for a more efficient and creative use of space, local material and time. I’m starting my first steps on a long path along which I will collect skills and knowledge about sustainable as well as natural constructions to build small houses. The first one for my sweet chicken and many more for our farm family.

For those out there, who enjoy practical work and creative ways of using materials, I’ll be happy to share what I discover on the way.

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“L’humanité devra réussir à vivre à la fois en sédentaire pour se construire et en nomade pour s’inventer”.
” Humanity will have to manage living as settled beings in order to build oneself, and as nomad to reinvent oneself. ”

I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to live in fine balance of that quote, in the simplest manner.
I found myself a year ago on a french land up in the Alpes. A place where growing food from the ground makes you postpone your nomadic life to winter but where every step you make is an extraordinary adventure.
I started a love story years ago with photo, leading today to video making. Spreading what I witness and value is thus one of my main interests.
In the end I’m just a very curious child. I’ll be pleased to pass on to you all out there the treasures I find along the path about alternatives in
energy/farming/building/community living.

Geraldine, wild wide eye. Reporter at your service.

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Before, I was studying creative writing in university. I was living between city-life and taking all the time I could to be in nature. I began to feel unflfilled within the traditional education system in the United States and so I decided to leave. I traveled to other cultures, and countries with the intention of seeking new experiences and finding alternative learning possibilities. In this time I volunteered on farms, and community projects. I saw the importance of growing food and built a connection to a lifestyle surrounded by that. I learned that farming practices spread far, and became interested in permaculture and organic farming practices. I take the knowledge I have, the desire to experiment and learn more, and a passion for off-grid living with me to this collective association.

Now, I live on a piece of land in the southern alps of france. My work on the farm is with the orchard, but my inspiration comes from an overall vision of living a life more connected to the food, materials, and resources we need to sustain ourselves.. Fed by curiosity and experimentation, I hope to inspire others to feel that whether you live in the city, or in the moutains, on a farm, or in an apartment, there are ways to reconnect, or stay connected to these fundamentals of living.


I’ve been travelling for the past years, mostly in France. Through all these experiences, spending time in various farms and places, meeting beautiful people here and there, I began to know a bit more about myself, and I finally decided to stay somewhere for more than two months.

Let my roots go deeply in the ground, give them some time to find their way, it’s what i’m working on here on the farm. I’m passionate about the human relationships, and actually any kind of relationship is for me a way to connect with who i am deeply.

I combine here my main activity (singing therapist) with all that feed me : to work in a deep intimacy with  medicinal plants, to grow fruits and vegetables with joy and consciousness, to learn how to live and work collectively, to communicate in a respectful, loving and efficient way, to learn how to use and transform the gifts of the earth for me and the community, and to share all this with others!